Shanti Air Handling Division [AHD] has vast experience in designing and manufacturing of Induced Draft Fans (ID Fans) , Forced Draft Fans ( F.D Fans) / PA Fans .

Induced Draft Fans  // Forced Draft Fans // PA Fans 

Our fans have been designed to run efficiently and is robust in construction to give a long life. Having over 1000 installation running for over a decade itself is a testimony to our performance. All the impellers are dynamically balanced . Our manufacturing  process and stringent quality control ensure performance par excellence.

All our Impeller are statically & dynamically balanced.

Induced Draft Fans


1 H.P to 100 H.P


Forced Draft Fan (FD Fan)


Optimum Efficiency
• Designed on Low RPM for durability
• Low Noise
• Dimensioal Accuracy
• Less Power consumption

Transport Blower


Industrial Boilers
• Industrial Burners
• Furnaces
• Dust Extaction systems
• Ventilation & Exhaust systems.