Shanti Boilers brings with its vast experience in heating solution a efficiency and compact range of Hot Water Generators. The design of Hot Water Generators are much superior than conventional coil type designs . Shanti Hot Water Generators are skid mounted Shell and Tube Two & three pass designs. Due to the design our hot water boilers are efficient and durable. Our range of hot water generator comes in multiple fuels like solid , liquid & gaseous fuels . Theses are generally suitable for Dairies, Hotels, Hospitals applications . Available in Vertical and Horizontal Smoke Tube Types, their ability to ensure high recovery rates, makes them an economical heating system.

Shanti Hot Water Generators

For the best quality Hot Water Generators, Shanti Boilers is the best choice. Shanti Boilers offers compact designed Hot Water Generators with specialized features shell and tube type integral combustion chamber . It is fully automatic powered by a temperature sensing device installed which controls the burner at pre-set temperature.

Model Name : Shanti Staids Hot Water Generators

Model No : SB-HWG Series
Fuels : Oil / Gas / Coal / Wood / Biomass Briquettes ,


Heat Output Capacity : 50,000 Kilo calories to 10,00,000 Kilo Calories

Firing Mode : Fully Automatic in case of Oil / Gas fired systems ; Manual in case of Solid fuels

Shanti Hot Water Generators


  • Shell & Smoke tubes Multiple pass design ensures efficiency , reliability & durability
  • Fully automatic in case of Oil & gas ensure smooth operation.
  • Out side the perview of IBR / 3rd Party Inspections & registrations
  • Negligible maintenance downtime
  • More efficient than conventonal coil type designs


Shanti Hot Water Generators are usually used in hotels, hospitals, hostels and other process where only hot water is needed

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