Shanti Husk fired Boilers are designed specially for cheaper & lighter fuels like Paddy Husk , Ground nut shells , coconut shells ( Pulvoriesed ) for Agro based industries, wherein the industrial waste of a process ( Paddy Husk , Groundnut shells , Coconut Shells ) can be used as fuel for generating steam . The Husk Fired Steam Boilers is a Three pass , Multi Tubuller , Wet Back Fully Automatic Boiler .

Fuel firing is done through pneumatically controlled conveying and firing system to achieve max combustion efficiency. The boilers are available in Top Feed & Front feeding in both Internal & External combustion chamber design . Husk fired Boilers are fully automatic right from fuel feeding to ash removal through dust collection system .

Model Name : “ Shanti Agro Flame Boiler“

Model No : “ TF Series “
Fuels : Husk , Coconut & ground nut shells

Shanti Agro Flame Husk fired Boiler



Evaporation capacity : 300 kg/hr. To 5000 kg/hr.
Working Pressure : 7 kg/sqcm, 10.54 kg/sqcm to 17.5 kg/sqcm

Firing Mode : Automatic


Shanti Agro Flame Husk fired Boiler



  • Specially designed for Paddy Husk / Ground nut Sheel & Pulverised coconut shells

  • Fully Automatice right from fuel firing to Ash removal

  • Skid mounted ensures negligible site work .

  • Higher steam space to ensure dry steam

  • Optimally designed tube nest in 2nd & 3rd Pass to derive maximum efficiency

  • Tube Protection caps ensures more durable life of Boiler tubes

  • Digital fuel feeder gives rate of fuel feeding

  • Easy access of maintenace and tube cleaning

  • Balanced draft design for efficient combustion of fuel in furnace

  • Use of superier quality valves and fittings ensure durability and negligible maintenace

Shanti Agro Flame Husk fired Boiler

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Suits process industries like Para-boiled Rice Mill , Small Steam Rice Plants , Agro based industry , DC Mills and other process industries where lighter fuels like paddy husk are avaliable


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