With the emphasis on enviroment protection and use of cleaner fuels Shanti Gas Fired Package Boiler are most ideal for industries . Boilers are manufactured in accordance to advance design in Heat Transfer confirming to IBR and International code. Its advance design coupled with optimal heating surface and steam space makes Shanti Boilers are most ideal for process industries. The gas fired boilers are deisgned on Liquid Petroleum Gas ( LPG) , Natural Gas ( NG) , Dual Fuels ( LPG & Oil) other clean gases depending on the avaliability at the plant locaiton . The operation of gas fired boilers are fullyautomatic with all safety features in cooperated both at fire side and flue side .The Boilers during the stage of production starts with use of superior quality / grade SA 516 Gr 70 plates , which are cut through fully automatic CNC cutting machine . All weld joints are subjected to DP test and radiography and other stringent quality checks and procedures.

The Gas Fired Boilers can be supplied with world renouned combustion systems like Weisphput , Oilon , Riollo , Sake and others reputed makes as per the preference of the clients .

Model Name : “ Shanti Gas Flame Boiler “

Model No : “ SBH-GF Series

Fuel : LPG / NG


Evaporation capacity : 500 kg/hr. To 15000 kg/hr.
Working Pressure : 10.54 kg/sqcm to 19.5 kg/sqcm

Firing & Operation : Fully Automatic


    • Optimal designed heating surface to give the rated ouput
    • Cleaner flue gases ensure enviroment protection
    • Wet back design and Three pass design ensure maximum efficiency
    • Use of Turbulators ensures Efficiency as high as 88 % ( +)
    • Fully autoamtic ensures easy operation.
    • Supplied with renuned combustion Burrners for maximum combustion efficiency
    • Fully loaded Safety featurers ensure trouble free operations


Suits all small , medium and large process industries like food process Industries , Chemical and pharmaceuticals, Hospitality industry and other process industries where clean fuel are must. Designed for better performance.

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