As we all know, fuel cost is on an uphill, therefore the performance efficiency of Coal Fired Boilers becomes very essential and important. Keeping all this in mind, SHANTI BOILERS has designed high performance efficient boilers. SHANTI BOILERS has more than 4 decades experience in design, manufacturing and installation of Boilers. It is therefore able to offer Flexibility, Proficiency and Dependability in each and every Boiler delivered by it to its esteemed customers.


Optimum Combustion lead to high overall plant efficiency. SHANTI BOILERS has been able to successfully deliver to such type of boilers year after year and is still innovating to bring maximum customer satisfaction.

Coal Fired Boilers
Coal Fired Boilers


Shanti Boilers design boilers using varied range of Fuels such as , Wood Waste, Coal , Husk, Baggase, Brikets, Coconut Shells Etc..,


At SHANTI BOILERS reliability of Boiler remains of paramount importance. We deliver boilers designed with good Engineering design, material usage and sound construction, thereby improving the work life of such boiler. Our Boilers has work life of more than 2 decades without any repairs.


Shanti Coal Fired Boilers offers Boilers with evaporation capacity starting from 300kg/hr to 5000kg/hr.

Important Features of our Boiler

  • Non-destructive tests like radiography, hydraulic testing & stress relieving with good welded construction.
  • We offer Higher steam space to ensure steady supply at functional loads
  • Maximum grate area and heating surface helps in quick steam output.
  • High overall performance
  • Adequate mud hole, manhole and specially designed end box provides correct and convenient cleaning procedure
  • By not making use of firewood as a fuel in any of its Boilers, Shanti Boilers are ecofriendly and contributes to environment
  • Shanti Boilers are available with DRY, WET BACK, TWO PASS & THREE PASS design.

 Working Pressure of Boiler

From 7kg/sqcm,10.54kg/sqcm to 17.5kg/sqcm. We manufacture higher pressure boiler also on customer request.


  •  Shanti Boilers are manufactured as per the quality standards of IBR 1950 with latest amendments in the ASME & BS codes.
  • Our Coal Fired Boilers are designed and engineered keeping in mind the advanced technology in heat transfer.
  • The unique arrangement of tube nests in second and third pass ensures max heat transfer and minimal frictional loss through tubes.