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Wood Fired Boilers

It helps to burn scrap wood, sawdust, construction waste and other kinds of wood debris that fireplaces and wood stoves can’t. With

Wood fired

Boilers, a large amount of heat can be generated provided if one has a large supply of wood. This means that you will be able to heat water for bathing with wood.

Shanti Boilers offers state-of-the-art wood fired boilers that can burn virtually any combination of hogged wood, bark, sawdust, planer shavings, sander-dust and other wood fuels, with a broad range of moisture contents, without supplemental fuel for either start-up or operation. Fully automatic, they are highly efficient; they clean burning in quick time thereby saving you time and money.

From Shanti Boilers are known for their high combustion efficiency, low emission rates and above all, system reliability.

Key Features of wood fired boilers:-
  • Classic design for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Thermostatic Firing Control.
  • Wood Burning is CO2 Neutral.
  • Well Insulated for Heat Retention.
  • Stack Damper for Draft Control.
  • Large Ash Receiver.
  • Water Jacket Surrounds the Fire Box.
  • Water Cooled Grates.
  • Advanced safety equipment ensures safe and reliable operation.
  • Automatic ignition device (optional) limits idling and saves fuel.

Advantages of wood fired boilers:-
  • Ensures Maximum system performance with heavy-duty construction.
  • Efficient Carbon neutral heat source.
  • Ensures High efficiency with advanced combustion technology.
  • Environmentally clean with no toxic ashes & extremely reliable.
  • Low capital cost & Low / Zero maintenance costs.
  • Long boiler service life.
  • Versatile that an be linked with other heat sources.

Wood Fired Boilers is a good choice provided it is used in an out building or annexe with enough space to store wood for immediate use and with good access to the enclosure where wood is stored.

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