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Water Treatment Plant  

water treatment boilerSHANTI BOILERS are the pioneers in manufacturing Boilers in A.P and have over 50 years of experience in the boiler industry. This has enabled Shanti Boilers to invest considerable effort to understand impurities in water and its treatment. Our water treatment and chemical division has given rise to solutions to manage water to ensure that both you and the ecology profit.

Keeping this in mind Shanti Boilers have developed STAIDS WATER SOFENERS to soften hard water and maintain the operations at best possible levels of availability, economy and efficiency.

WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL to remove impurities in water that feeds the boiler and thereby enhance the life of the boiler.

STAIDS DM PLANT to remove chlorine odour, colour and organic matter and other dissolved solids

REVERSE OSMOSIS to treat brackish and saline water.


All purpose commercial/ industrial Staids Water Softeners are designed and manufactured to meet current demands of larger volumes of soft water at lower cost.


Staids Water Softeners have been developed to serve a full spectrum of requirements for soft water
  • These are ideal for t Boiler feed water treatment
  • Processing       plants, Industrial manufacturers,
  • Heating   and   cooling systems
  • Process water systems.
Many other commercial and service operations find staids water softeners both practical and economical for their use.


Staids Water SOFENERS manufacture industrial type softeners for softening water containing high levels of hardness.
  • Staids Water Softeners proven design results in longer service between regeneration and simpler operation.
  • Staids Water Softeners are simple to install and operate with low maintenance costs.


All this is backed by prompt and efficient after sales service, by most experienced and specially trained engineers.


Water Treatment Chemical has been developed because we perfectly understand that your plant profitability and boiler life depends on the quality of water you feed to your boiler.


It can be applied to remove impurities due to

(A). Scaling: Continuous evaporation of boiler water increases concentration of dissolved and undissolved solids and when their solubility product exceeds they are thrown out of the solution in the form of precipitates finally stick to the heating surface of boiler forming thick hard stony scale.

Scale is a bad conductor of heat which causes heat loss.

The solution: Our Water Treatment Chemical does not allow scale formation, removes old scale gradually hence there is no need of descaling in the future.

(b)  Corrosion & Pitting: Dissolved gases like oxygen, Carbondioxide along with electrochemical reaction leads to corrosion and pitting of boiler metal.

The solution: Our Water Treatment Chemical corrosion inhibitor prevents and arrests corrosion of metal.

(c)  Carryover and foaming: Incomplete separation of water from steam caused by high water level, faulty firing methods, excessive load variation, high dissolved solids, high caustic alkal inity and leakage of oil or organics leads to the formation of foam and carryover.

The Solution: Our Water Treatment   Chemical anti foaming agents prevent carryover and foaming.

The Oxygen scavenger also prevents tube/coil puncture resulting in minimum repairs and shutdowns. Also an effective sludge conditioner controls silica, mud and silicate as well as settling and hardening of sludge on heat transfer surface.


Our Water Treatment Chemical has specially designed boilers to tackle these specific problems involved in water.
  • AII the technical Know-how is from UK (Manchester)
  • Three of our clients were awarded by energy conservation department for saving fuel and getting best boiler efficiency throughout the year.
  • A single chemical is used to tackle the multiple problems involving water treatment.


Staids DM Plants have been designed according to latest technology for eliminating chlorine, colour & dissolved organic matters present. The result is odourless and organic free treated water.


Reverse osmosis offers complete, pre-engineered, standardized solutions to meet your water filtration requirements, saving you money and ensuring reliability. The machines fit flow requirements from 375 gpd to 288,000 gpd (0.06 m3/h to 45.4 m3/h). Ideal applications include car washes, office applications, product dilution or mixing, spot-free product rinses, restaurant and grocery, boiler feedwater, safe drinking water, process ingredient water, and ion exchange pre-treatment.

  • Potable water
  • 0il refineries
  • Effluent
  • Plants
  • Chemical Plants
  • Boilerfeed water
  • Low initial cost, long term operation and maintenance savings.
  • Delivers high-clarity treated water, consistently.
  • Immune to normal fluctuations of flow and pressure.
  • Eliminates repumping and operates at low pressure drops across carbon media.
  • Does not require highly skilled personnel for operation and maintenance.

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