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Waste Water Treatment Plants & Sewage Treatment Plant  

1. Water & wastewater
We provide services that include drinking water, wastewater, and water resources engineering to municipal, industrial, and private clients. Our engineers work on innovative solutions to provide clean water to communities, wastewater treatment and preservation of natural waterways.

2. Renewable energy
Shanti Boilers & Pressure Vessels P Ltd ( SBPVL) in consultancy with SEED INDIA offers comprehensive energy solutions that reduce energy costs and insulate you from price volatility. We work with clients from the planning stage through design and implementation enabling improvement in the environmental profile of the energy use. We drive strategic energy management approach and work closely with our clients to develop and implement energy efficiency.

SBPVL in consultation with SEED INDIA specializes in the design, treatability testing, and full-scale application of in situ soil and groundwater remediation technologies. We have extensive experience at petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbon sites across the world using in situ biodegradation (ISB) technologies (including both bio stimulation  and bio augmentation techniques). For many of our projects we utilize remedial additives to enhance the activity of naturally occurring, native soil bacteria that can destroy, alter and/or immobilize hazardous constituents, reducing toxicity and potential risks.

4. Bio fuels
SBPVL provides process engineering design and project management services to the bio fuel industries. We provide services to support technology assessment, capital cost 04 development, technical feasibility, engineering design, procurement, and installation andcommissioning. We have the experience and expertise to deliver practical solutions across the supply chain. Services include process design (front-end engineering), trouble-shooting and optimization, feasibility studies,computer simulations, detail design, construction management and startup.

5. Solid waste
At SBPVL we design systems that combine innovation with proven methods of waste management, treatment and disposal. Our team includes specialists in planning, environmental science, engineering, geology, hydrogeology, chemistry, biology, environmental management, economics and social development.

6. Hazardous waste
SBPVL provides integrated waste management services for clients, including the removal, remediation, consultancy on treatment solutions, and the safe and efficient distribution and disposal of hazardous waste materials. Our waste management specialists can provide a wide spectrum of engineering services, including waste stream inventory preparation, facility site selection. With our in-depth knowledge of waste management and state-of-the-art cleanup technologies, we can assist you with hazardous and solid waste related problems to achieve regulatory compliance

7. Waste to energy
Our multidisciplinary teams can provide expert advice on all technical and professional issues relevant to the needs of energy from waste (EfW) or waste to energy (WtE) projects regardless of the technology type or wastes to be treated.We combine global expertise in waste and energy with insight into local markets and regulation.
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