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Thermic Fluid Heaters


Solid Fuel Themic Boilers

Vertical Oil Fired
Thermic Fluid Heater.
The most renowned name in heating systems now brings to you a wide range of Thermic Fluid Heaters for superior applications with almost any type of fuel like Oil, Coal, Wood, Saw dust, Lignite, Bagasse, Husk, GN shell etc. Today there are over 1000 installations of Shanti Heating Systems throughout the country practically in all type of industries like Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles, Food processing, Dairy plant, Tannery, Plywood, Solvent extraction etc.

SHANTI-THERM is available in Horizontal and Vertical models in wide ranges: from 50,000 Kcal/hr to 20 lakh Kcal/hr. It is most suitable for fuels like: hot oil boilers, Coal, Wood, Husk and other Agro wastes.

Salient Features
  • Fully automatic
  • High thermal efficiency
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Air pre-heater provided for higher efficiency
  • Temperature as high as 300° C
  • No corrosion or scaling
  • Flame monitoring sensor provided
  • Negligible maintenance downtime
  • Prompt pre & after sales service.
SHANTI-THERM is a forced circulation Thermic fluid Heater. Hot oil is circulated through a pump to the process and the same oil returns to the heater for reheating and recirculation.

SHANTI-THERM is manufactured as per latest technology to ensure maximum Thermal & Combustion efficiency. The furnace is appropriately designed to enable you to handle poorer heat value fuel like Rice-Husk, Saw Dust, GN Shell etc. and the higher heat flux ensures better heat transfer.

Vertical Coal/Wood Fired
Thermic Fluid Heater.
SHANTI-THERM has Valves and Controls which are designed for smooth and safe operations.

SHANTI-THERM is constructed with a Heater assembly which consists of concentric helical coils housed in a sturdy shell. Coils are manufactured out of BS: 3059-68/PART-I/CEW/ST -33 which are tested to 1000 PSI. The plates are cut to close tolerance on automatic flame cutting machines, and are welded as per standard codes.

External Furnace
Multi cone dust collectors
Coal / Wood/ Husk
FiredThermic Fluid Heaters
Horizontal designs come with external furnace facilitating larger Grate area & Furnace volume. This design is ideal for MULTI-FUEL firing where any type of fuel like Coal, Wood, Lignite, Bagasse, Sawdust, GN Shell, Rice husk etc., can be used as fuel.

SHANTI-THERM is designed and engineered with advance technology in heat transfer which ensures optimum efficiency with reasonably low fuel consumption.




Ideal for processes which require high temperatures. Most suitable for Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Textiles, Plywood, Food Processing, Dairy, Tannery, Solvent Extraction etc.

All this is backed by prompt and efficient After Sales Service by most experienced and specially trained engineers.


Laboratory Testing

Computerised Design
Today the company with its rich experience of more than 5 decades is evolving latest technical trends in the field of Boilers & Steam engineering systems. These efforts have given birth to SHANTI BOILERS. The'cpmpany is proud of its achievements proving its mettle in diversified industries like Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Tannery, Dairy, Construction, Sugar, Food processing, Plywood, Paper etc.

Technical expertise is the strength of the company. Backed by highly qualified technocrats & Engineers. SHANTI BOILERS is forever in the quest for excellence. Besides decades of experience the company has also excelled in techno economic & modern energy conservation concepts which positively reflects our outstanding product performance. What bears testimony to this fact is that SHANTI BOILER PRODUCTS have the honour of being approved by World Bank aided projects. We offer best hot oil boilers & other Boilers to cater all your needs.

We are the first to make boilers from Andhra Pradesh! An array of services is rendered by the company and its associates right from consultancy, supply, erection to service back up.

Future plans: The company is all set for further growth. Yet another manufacturing unit is planned to be set up to meet the demands of fast industrial growth in our country with latest available technology.

Remember we engineered boilers for more than 5 decades.
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