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Pa Fans  

SPA Fans (

Primary Air Fans

) supply high volumes of pre-heated, primary combustion air to move pulverized coal into the boiler and drive away excess moisture. In other words, it refers to a fan that is used to supply coal transport air to the pulverizer or to the burner lines of a storage system.

Like many industrial fans, endure extreme heat and excessive vibration, which makes them prone to lubrication problems, imbalance and high maintenance costs.

Turnkey Solutions

Shanti Boilers offers high quality turnkey solutions for PA Fans, from design and fabrication to installation and commissioning. As a part of the turnkey service process, our team conduct & evaluation including assessment of temperature, abrasion, corrosion, stress, and harmonics to generate the most efficient, economical, and productive output for your application.

Repair And Testing Services

Shanti Boilers PA Fans also offers complete repair and testing for any size or type centrifugal fan impeller, at our site. Our team have the capabilities to tackle problems from erosion to corrosion, material fatigue cracking, and a host of operational problems that if not tackled properly can lead to catastrophic failure.

Our PA Fans repair, rebuild, and upgrade services can ensure years of additional fan service.
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