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Oil Fired Boilers /

Gas Fired Boilers  

The Unique 3 Pass Oil/Gas Fired Package Boiler From SHANTI
SHANTI OIL SC GAS Fired Package Boiler are manufactured accordance to advance design in Heat Transfer confirming to IBR 8t International code. Its advance design coupled with adequate heating surface, steam space, steady supply of steam manes Shanti Boilers most ideal for process industries. Class 1 fusion weld construction manufactured out of best

Oil Fired Boilers

/ Gas Fired Boiler quality plate backed by inspection at every stage ensures quality product.

Available from SOOkgs / h to 10,000 kgs/hr with pressure of 100, 150, 200 and 250 PSI. high pressure boiler also can be supplied on request.

Salient features of Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers:
  • Manufactured to IBR code
  • Welded construction with 100% radiography
  • Larger heating surface
  • Wet back design
  • Easy access to inner surface of Boiler
  • Efficiency as high as 88 2%, on NCV of fuel of 10,200 kcal/kg.
  • 3 pass design
  • Large steam space ensure steady supply.
Designed for better performance:
Intense specialisation of excellent design helps the user industry to achieve maximum utility and high level of performance. The Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers are manufactured of best boiler quality plate with high tensil strength which gives longer life to the Boiler. Each boiler is designed and manufactured in accordance to IBR/1SO code with latest developments.

Quality Assurance:
Every product has to go through various stages of inspection like Dye-penetration test Radiography, Stress relieving, hydraulic tests. The boilers Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers are Eco-friendly and incorporate safety features as part of their design itself.

Customer needs – First and Foremost:

At Shanti Boilers we have a clear perception of customer requirements and that helps us develop products and processes that are viable. The need for change in the industry are kept in mind always. Our clientele are from a wide range of industries. Shanti Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers products have the honour of being approved by World Bank aided projects.

Service – A commitment on our part:
Every Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers sold is backed up by prompt service and support by our highly involved service team. Trained professionals are always at hand to respond to customer requirements. An array of services are rendered by the company and its associates right from consultancy, supply, erection and service back up.

Looking ahead:
The company is all set for further growth. Yet another manufacturing unit is planned to be set up to meet the demands of fast industrial growth in our country with latest Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers available technology.

Plates are pre cut to close tolerance on a fully automatic flame cutting machine prior to entering production line. Welded joints are subjected to DP Test SC Radiography to ensure class welding. Besides this 'SHANTI BOILERS' have to pass through stringent standards and specifications in accordance to the best international Boiler making practice.

Burner Assembly:
  • Consists of Pressure Jet Burner suitable for firing Light & Heavy grade oils.
  • Perfectly balance fan ensures proper combustion.
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Perfect automation
  • Trun down ratio 1:4
  • Burner operates on automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode.
  • Burner cuts off at low water level and high steam pressure.
SHANTI’ Oil Fired Boilers / Gas Fired Boilers are designed and engineered with advance technology in heat transfer which ensures optimum effici3ency with low fuel consumption.

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