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Multi Fuel Boilers

Also called Multi Fuel Central Heating Boilers, they are large heating appliances that provide heat and hot water throughout the home or business environment. They are designed to burn not one, but various fuels when operating, such as wood or coal.

A multi fuel boilers is capable of burning a wide range of biomass and sorted waste or alternate fuels along with natural gas, fuel oil, and/or pulverized coal. This facilitates steam production at lower cost than a basic fossil fuel fired unit. They are designed to meet both current and future waste fuel requirements.

Shanti multi fuel boilers are high efficiency, biomass heating boilers of superior quality, engineered to burn a wide range of wood and agricultural fuels including wood pellet, wood chip and cereal grains. Robust and meticulously engineered, Multi

Fuel Boilers

from Shanti Boilers offer amazing fuel flexibility and heat security. They are available in an extensive range starting from just 12kW and extending to 500kW output with the boiler capacity to suit most domestic and small scale commercial applications.

Multi Fuel Boilers can be adjusted for combustion of solid fuels such as coal, wood, wood chips, sawdust, turf, plastic, car-board, slack, pea-coal etc. They can also be integrated along side your existing heating system as they are simpler to install than a stove and cause no mess or disruption in your home or business place where they are to be installed.

Key Features of multi fuel boilers:-
  • Highly efficient, sturdy and reliable.
  • Long product life with the ability to cope with different combustion temperatures of the various fuel options.
  • Efficient structure which makes handling easier, keeps temperature set point on appropriate level and controls operation of circulation pump wherein the system was equipped to one.
  • Effective air distribution system which significantly reduces environment pollution.
  • Thermal storage tank management with temperature controlled heat sink that allows connection to closed vented circuits.
  • Easy to use electronic menu driven control panel.

Benefits multi of fuel boilers:-
  • Easy installation that causes no disruption.
  • Low operating costs. These boilers are adjusted for combustion of solid fuels.
  • Environmentally friendly (ultra-low emissions and over 90% efficient).
  • Easy maintenance.

With their high combustion performance, they are ideal for the winter months and when a large supply of hot water is required.

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