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Industrial Fans

A machine that provides a large flow of air or gas to various processes of many industries, Industrial Fans ensures an ambient environment in industrial settings and effectively ventilates prospective noxious areas.

Shanti Boilers offers a good range of tough and durable industrial


of superior technical and mechanical quality for a wide range of purposes from paint to food, cement, etc. Apart from standard fans, Shanti Boilers also provides for customization and can customize industrial fans to specific requirements, certified to industry regulations.

Ranging in diameter from 200mm to over 5m, Fans from Shanti Boilers are available in a variety of impeller designs, control systems and layout options as well as styles, differing in airflow direction into or out of the room and speed. They cater to virtually all industrial applications. Designed to exacting standards, the Fans deliver operational reliability, and vibration-free performance.

Key Features of Industrial Fans:-
  • Classic design for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Compact and light weight with Design flexibility.
  • Precision-balanced that ensures stability.
  • Resists corrosion even in the most severe environments.
  • Minimal downtime and easy maintenance.
  • Provides long-lasting dependability.

Advantages of Industrial Fans:-
  • Removes pollutants, air contaminants, smoke, and reduces offensive odors. This creates a healthy atmosphere.
  • Decreases heat and humidity levels.
  • Ensures long lasting operation minimizing equipment down time.

From Shanti Boilers can handle high-pressure occurrences like handling of gases and dust, etc and ensure dust-free air.

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