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Hot Water Generators

Hot water generators, a water-free heating device, deliver high volumes of hot water and consistently high efficiencies. Made of Stainless Steel in rugged design with cylindrical combustion chamber can be effectually operated with wood and coal.

Available in Vertical and Horizontal Smoke Tube Types, it can be used for operation with steam or boiler water as the energy source. Their ability to ensure high recovery rates, makes them an economical water heating system.

For the best quality Hot

Water Generators

, Shanti Boilers is the best choice. Shanti Boilers offers compact designed Hot Water Generators with specialized features consisting of stainless steel shell type integral combustion chamber accommodated in multi M.S. Shell. It is fully automatic powered by a temperature sensing device installed at hot air outlet and which on-offs the burner at pre-set temperature.

Key Features:-
  • Pre-engineered & Pre-assembled.
  • Easy to install & maintain.
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Smokeless combustion. Low Pollutants.
  • Fully Automatic operation (no certified staff required for operating).
  • Skid-mounted systems are completely assembled and packaged for use.
  • Superior glass-lined tank for longer life.
  • Single Button Start / Stop with Automatic Control with Safety features.
  • Hinged doors for simple cleaning & inspection.

  • Easy to operate and maintain;
  • Suitable for oil and gas as fuel;
  • Low film temperature that ensures long life;
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Profitable installation costs (low pressure system);
  • Low thermal Stress & Resistance;
  • High efficiency consumption (up to 84%);
  • High level of safety in operation, thus greater reliability.
  • High flue gas velocity, resulting in a good heat transfer;
  • Thick insulation minimize radiation loss;
  • No corrosion and no risk of freezing damages;
  • Pressure Less Operation; &
  • Operates quietly with no steam stroke or flash steam noise.

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