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Hot Oil Boilers

One of the most important components of a modern central

heating system

, Hot Oil Boilers are systems that use hot thermal oil for transfer of heat energy (instead of water or steam). Used for technically demanding applications with high temperatures of mediums, Hot Oil Boilers have significant advantages compared to classic steam and hot-water boilers.

Shanti Oil Boilers offers customized hot oil boiler systems with capacity ranging from 30 KW to 1000 KW. A product of high-efficiency hot oil boiler design, with preheated combustion air, Hot Oil Boilers from Shanti Boilers require minimal floor space. In addition, they can be skid mounted with a circulating pump and expansion tank.

Hot Oil Boilers from Shanti Boilers use a synthetic and oil-based thermal fluids as the heat carrier operating at nearly atmospheric pressures that reach up to 300C. Just as any other heating fluid, the oil fluid is cooled and heated while passing through the system.

Key Features:-
  • Free Float Integral Trap that uses three-point seating, with continuous discharge and a tight seal.
  • Separator that supplies high-quality steam or air from which the condensate is removed which has a direct connection to productivity and product quality.
  • Moisture reservoir provided with every separator.
  • One-piece pressure casing that eliminates temperature and pressure constraints.
  • Efficient, lightweight assembly ensures lower pipe stress when inline mounted, while offering operating pressures up to 3000 psi(g)/207 bar(g).
  • No moving parts & no replaceable filters.

  • Rugged & sturdy construction.
  • Smart design with quality components ensures low operating costs.
  • Operates at very low pressure assuring outstanding efficiency.
  • Fully automatic & Highly Safe.
  • Does not contain expensive high pressure steam transmission pipelines associated mounting and fittings.
  • Provides substantial saving on fuel & operating costs.
  • Thermic fluid used is non corrosive & completely free from any suspended or dissolved solids.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Made in block version, the Hot Oil Boilers have small dimensions and are suitable for block or container boiler stations and are also extensively used as a substitute of pressurized hot water or steam for transferring heat.

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