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Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers  

Fluidized bed boilers
  • Shanti Boiler are manufactured to IBR 1950 with latest amendments, ASME codes. 'Shanti1 Boilers are designed and engineered to suit advanced technology in heat transfer. Membrane Panel and Staggered tubes in the Boiler drum ensures optimum heat transfer and HIGH EFFICIENCY.
  • RANGE Evaporation capacity varies from 3000 Kg/hr - 10000 Kg/hr and higher on Request.
  • Working Pressure from 10.54 kg/sqcm 21 kg/sqcm and higher on Request.
  • The specially designed fire cum water wall in the Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers reduces radiation losses through conventional external furnace

    Steam Boilers.

    This improves overall efficiency of the Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers. Reduces work at the boiler site.
  • Reduces civil works and initial capital cost incurred at the Boiler House.
  • Easily convertible to any type of fuel.

Advantages of Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers
  • High efficiency
  • Less man power
  • Reduced maintenance
  • No slagging in the furnace, no soot blowing
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick startup and fast response
  • Simple ash removal
  • No change in system in case of change of fuel, except fuel feeding system. (High ash ,low grade Coals, Agro wastes such as rice husk, bagassse, ground nut husk, saw dust, coconut shell)
  • Guaranteed rated steam Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers output with any quality of fuel (calorific value as low as 2500 kcal/kg).
  • Fuel of your choice can be used to run the Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers.

Benefits of Fluidised Bed Steam Boilers
  • Tremendous reduction in fuel cost
  • Attractive pay back period
  • 100% depreciation
  • No sales tax (No excise duty for Agro-waste)

  • Conversion of existing Non FBC Boiler into FBC system with
    less capital investment can be done easily.

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