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Exhaust Blowers

A centrifugal type blower has a housing that contains a blower wheel of some type. The housing scroll and the wheel configuration of the Blower allows the Exhaust Blower to generate higher pressures than a typical axial ventilation fan, while pulling the air in the side of the blower and pumping it out on the front.

From Shanti Boilers are exceptional, heavy duty, curb mounted exhaust system that can be easily installed, and also facilitate quick access for cleaning and servicing. Known for delivering efficient performance, with static pressure capabilities to 5” w.g., is available in varied sizes catering to diverse needs.

It has a flange on the front that allows it to be mounted on a wall or inside a grow box. Its commonly used for exhausting contaminated, noxious fumes or hot air away from a process that allows machine operators to breathe cleaner air. For instance, if used in a welding room in a factory, an it smokes out the fumes and smoke produced in a welding operation. This helps to protect the welding quality and the welder’s health from the noxious fumes and smoke.

Shanti Boilers are specifically designed for exhausting any kind of noxious fumes and smoke thanks to a plastic impeller and casing that are highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion. They help to move the exhausted air a long distance through hose or duct work, by supplying the proper exhaust air flow at the higher static pressures required.

Exhaust Blower Key Features:-
  • Housing, wheels and frames are welded. This ensures heavy construction and assures solid, rattle-free units.
  • Sturdy Wheels supported by heavy cast iron hubs. They are static and dynamically balanced.
  • Configurations available in direct drive, belt drive and in-line


  • Belt drive units, equipped with variable speed drives.
  • Discharge may be changed to any one of eight directions on-site or specified on order.

  • Easy installation and service access for cleaning operations.
  • Reliable performance, relentless dependability, and longevity.
  • Good controllability enables ideal, low-emission combustion.
  • Highly corrosion resistant.

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