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Cyclone Separators

A high-efficiency centrifugal

particulate separator

, it offers high temperature capability and cost-effectiveness. Predominantly developed for conditioning compressed air in industrial applications, it serve in a variety of applications ranging from small shops to large plants.

Shanti Boilers offers world class Cyclone Separators that combines quality construction and proven design resulting in maximum durability and efficiency. Used in various industries engaged in grain and plastics to woodworking, Cyclone Separators from Shanti Boilers helps to remove residual water from the compressed air, liquid and solid impurity substances and other contaminants, such as pipe scale and rust, as well as from an air or gas stream to protect sensitive equipments. Its better moisture removal utility also helps dryers work more efficiently.

Key Features:-
  • Free Float Integral Trap that uses three-point seating, with continuous discharge and a tight seal.
  • Separator that supplies high-quality steam or air from which the condensate is removed which has a direct connection to productivity and product quality.
  • Moisture reservoir provided with every separator.
  • One-piece pressure casing that eliminates temperature and pressure constraints.
  • Efficient, lightweight assembly ensures lower pipe stress when inline mounted, while offering operating pressures up to 3000 psi(g)/207 bar(g).
  • No moving parts & no replaceable filters.

  • Simple construction that simplifies and reduces maintenance and inventory costs associated with more complex designs.
  • Sturdy built facilitating long life.
  • Minimal and quick installation costs thanks to fast, easy assembly.
  • Less floor space occupation & Quick Color Change.
  • High temperature capability and the ability to handle extremely high dust concentrations.
  • Stable pressure drop for a given gas flow & constant efficiency for a given particulate condition.
  • Minimal pressure loss facilitated by an optimized design.
  • High efficiency at reduced flows.
  • Reduces the amount of testing required, thus saving time and money.

From Shanti Boilers are available in different versions which allow them to be optimally adapted to various specifications.

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