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Coal Fired Boilers  

With the increasing fuel cost, the performance of Coal Fired Boilers is of paramount importance. Realizing the need of high performance, high effiency boilers, Shanti Boilers,

Fluidised Bed Steam Boiler,

with it’s experience of more than 3 decades in design, manufacturer and installation of Boilers, it is able to offer Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability in every Boiler.

Shanti Coal Fired Boilers has a proven record for supplying plants giving optimum combustion and high over all plant efficiency.

Shanti has vide range of Boilers , capable of using wide range of Fuels such as , Coal , Brikets, Coconut Shells , Wood Waste , Hus, Baggase Etc..,

With good Engineering design, material usage and sound contruction, Shanti has demonstrated that the reliability of its Boiler is maintained to a high degree throughout it's long working life. As a matter of fact, many hundreds of Boilers are working for nearing 2 decades without any repairs.

Shanti Coal Fired Boilers offers evaporation capacity from 300kg/hr-5000kg/hr.

Salient Features
  • Welded construction with non-destructive tests like radiography, stress relieving and hydraulic testing
  • Higher steam space to ensure steady supply at functional loads
  • Optimum grate area and heating surface facilitates quick steam output. High overall efficiency
  • Adequate manhole, mud hole and specially designed end box provide proper and convenient cleaning operation
  • 'Shanti' Coal Fired Boilers are ecofriendly and contributes by not using firewood as a fuel in any of its Boilers
  • Available with DRY, WET BACK, TWOPASS and THREEPASS design

Working Pressure
From 7kg/,10.54kg/ - 17.5kg/ And higher pressure on request.

  • Shanti Boilers are manufactured to IBR 1950 with latest amendments, ASME, BS codes.
  • Shanti Coal Fired Boilers are designed and engineered to suit advanced technology in heat transfer.
  • Arrangement of tube nests in second and third pass ensures optimum heat transfer and minimum frictional loss through tubes.
    Dry Back
Semi - Wet Back   Wet Back


Shanti Coal Fired Boilers suit all Industrial applications like Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Dyes Chemicals, Paper, Plywood, Agro based Industries, Food Industry, Dairy and other process industries.

Coal Fired Boiler
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