This is about energy, which is available in forms with us in abundance, but still we often sense & experience shortage and dearth of energy. This is because, we have ignored energy conservation and have been negligent towards energy saving.

“Energy Saved is Energy Produced”

Keeping the above slogan, in mind, we at Shanti are working with a mission to bring awareness of the colossal waste of energy and various methods and technique to conserve energy through workshop seminars and training for industries. It is known fact that by and large plants are negligent towards above subject and gradually become sick and some of them die pre mature death.


We have a drawn a plan to bring awareness about energy conservation in industries by:

  1. Change attitudes of operators,
  2. Identifying the areas for energy conservation.
  3. Studying the operation of the plant to reschedule as per the peak & lean load.
  4. To use energy efficient equipment, Modules & controlling instruments,
  5. Scheduling periodic maintenance
  6. Designing if pipe lines, (for over size or under size) to prevent condensate or drop in pressure.
  7. Selection of insulation for heat loss.
  8. Selection of Refractories.
  9. Blow down scheduling.
  10. Effect of scale on performance & safety of Boiler.
  11. Above all qualified and trained boiler operators & Engineers shall always ads to the optimum performance of plant.